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Welcome to Santa Cruz Pawn

       Santa Cruz Pawn has been serving the Santa Cruz Area for over a decade. We are the only licensed and bonded Pawn shop in the area. Over the years we have made 1000's of loans and maintain a steady customer base as well as new customers daily. Our customers represent the working families of the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay area who have an unexpected need for a short term loan. Pawn loans keep the electricity on, rents paid, cars working and in today's economy, much more going. We are seeing this need across all economic levels. Bargain hunters and pawnshops go hand in hand. A wide variety of pre-owned and new merchandise are your to shop for.

Sell your gold and jewelry for the fairest, best possible cash payout.

Get fast cash by selling silver jewelry and coins at 80-95% market value.

Never settle for less! Get cash for precious metals like platinum in jewelry or coins.

Our buyers offer the best prices for diamonds of all sizes, cuts and colors.

Cash for Gold Cash for Silver Cash for Platinum Cash for Diamonds
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Current market prices You can contact us via: Email Info@santacruzpawn.com